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28% Girl In Progress

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    March 7, 2013 12:55:12 PM PST
    Saw Girl in Progress on opening night. This is a pretty good movie, BUT there are several forced scenes. Eva Mendes does a great job playing a single mom struggling to get by. They didn't make her the stereotypical stupid mom, but I didn't buy that she could do web design either. The little girl, played by Cierra Ramierz was an excellent actress. She did a great job even [B]Supra Shoes Clearance[/B][][B]Supra Shoes Clearance[/B] with the unbelievable. She is the daughter coming of age and inspired to created her own coming of age story in order to become a woman. Some of her tasks came across natural but several were forced especially given how smart [B]Supra Shoes[/B][][B]Supra Shoes[/B] her character was. I think the creators could have had the forced scenes happen with her plotting to have them happen. It would have been more natural and been a better mix of drama and comedy. April 22, 2012