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Psy-Fi 4 /// Level Up : 4th Dimension! [05-23-15]

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    April 28, 2015 12:22:46 PM PDT

    (more info / location / etc)

    ___________ A portal between land, sea, and sky ___________
    A plethora of all sight and sound dimension warping frequencies

    ~ li ~ ZFG welcomes you to our fourth annual psy reunion ~ li ~
    One of central FL's most anticipated independent events, this special gathering is a haven for positive vibes and renewal of the spirit - collective and individual.

    liFREE!li liFREE!li liFREE!li
    Just like last year... and the year before that... and the year before that...
    But also like last year, and the years before that...
    (invite only your good & awesome vibe friends who would really enjoy some deep trance mhmm yeah)

    4 years anniversary of keepin' Florida WEIRD...

    As it is our 4th year, our theme this time will be the 4th Dimension! We are leveling up and as we do so, we will celebrate all things 4! Find your representative element and mingle with us ♥

    4 elements /// Earth, Air, Fire, Water
    4 directions /// North, South, East, West
    4 suits of cards /// Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades
    4 seasons /// Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
    4 dna bases /// Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine
    And of course the Astral Realms & Tesseracts!

    lilili 2014 PSYFI III

    lilili 2013 PSYFI II

    lilili 2012 PSYFI

    There will be more than psytrance here, we will also have a hefty selection of deep house, groovy techno, progressive breaks, liquid dnb, and chill.


    ~li~ Audio Experience ~li~

    Cyborn Gypsies lilive performanceli
    Tampa, FL

    Flynt (techno / progressive / psy) liliveli
    Atlanta, GA

    Aní Kai Reiki (electronica) liliveli
    Miami, FL

    See Shellz (garage house)
    St. Pete, FL

    Northdale Fail (dark techno)
    Tampa, FL

    HeadFreQ (drum & bass)
    St. Pete FL

    PsyZombie (psytrance)
    Greenville, SC

    Mattack (psytrance)
    Greenville, SC

    m0rt0s (darkpsy / psycore)
    St. Pete, FL

    Spayce Cat (progressive trance / psytrance)
    Tampa, FL

    Doppler Deflect (psybreaks)
    St. Pete, FL

    Midoriski (aka Krikett) liliveli (psybreaks / psytrance)

    (About 2 more artists TBA upon confirmations)


    ~li~ Visual Experience ~li~

    Alter / UV Deco / Lighting - PsynesthesiaC

    String art / 3-D art - Doppler Deflect

    This year we upgrade with PROJECTORS! Two of them! And LIVE Visuals!


    ~li~ Codes of Conduct ~li~

    This event is ONE NIGHT ONLY ♥
    This event will happen - rain or shine. If to be disastrously rainy, we will simply move it to Friday night instead of Saturday night. If to be rainy on both nights we will just tarp it up and pick the night with LESS rain. :)

    This is a 100% free gathering. By the community, for the community. ♥

    This is also a LEAVE NO TRACE event! Absolutely NO littering!
    We come, we dance, we will leave everything exactly how it was - if not better. If you don't know what leave no trace means, please read up on it here!
    (This includes cigarette butts!)

    No illegal nonsense /// No bad vibes /// No glass containers /// No open fires